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“What Do Customers Look For In An E-Commerce Platform?”

With The Progression Of This Dynamic 21st Century, Online Shopping Websites Have Taken The Whole World With A Gigantic Storm. In The Past Few Years, Customers Have Become Greatly Attracted To The Idea, So Much So That An Estimate Of 56 Percent Of Customers Are More Inclined Towards Buying From An Online Site Rather From A Physical Store.

This Major Development Among Common People Have Led Them To Become More Vigilant And Observant With Regards To Their Shopping Choices And Have Their Requirements Set Absolutely Straight When It Comes To Buying From A Particular Platform And Due To Massively Increasing Competition, These Demands Are Something, Online Websites Need To Take In Consideration If They Really Wish To See Their Businesses Flourishing.

The Foremost Factor That Creates A Huge Difference Is The Design. You Would Always Prefer A Super Organized And Decorated Store Over The One All Messed Up Which Is Exactly The Case With E-Commerce Platforms. The Design Of The Websites Significantly Increase The Traffic On It For It Is Something That Compels The Customers To Stay And Scroll Through What The Website Has To Offer And So Greatly Elevates The Chance Of Having Increased Sales.

What Comes Next In Preference Is The Speed. It Is Ultimately How Fast The Information Is Being Transferred To Your Customers On Your Website That Determines The Level Of Interest They Develop To Explore You More. Literally 30 Percent Of The People Do Not Give Even Less Than A Second To A Page For Getting Loaded And Simply Abandons It Which Definitely Cost The Website A Lot More Than Just A Customer. This Clearly Depicts Of How Important It Is For Your Website To Have A Super Fast Navigation.

Another Important Most Thing That Can Help Your Website Do Big In Sales Is The Customer Service That You Have Got To Offer Because It Certainly Reflects The Value You Give To Your Customers. An Option For Online Chat That Always Has Someone Available, A 24-Hour Helpline With Trained And Sophisticated People Who Are Good Listeners And Also Quick At Giving Responses, Live Sessions On Facebook Or Instagram To Solve The Queries Then And There And A Purpose-Full Ad-Free App To Further Ease The Users Are Some Of The Most Easiest Ways You Can Maintain Your Customer Service. What Makes Your Customer Service More Impeccable Is The Interaction That You Should Always Keep Alive Even If Your Customers Order Once In Several Months. Send Them Reminder Emails Just So They Don’t Forget You And Consequently Create An Impact On Them.

But The Most Crucial Of All The Factors Required To Boost Your Customer Service Quality Still Remains The Delivery Of Orders. Deliveries That Take Time Certainly Annoy The Customers And Also Take Away The Real Essence Of Shopping Online. The Two Best Ways To Solve This Issue Are; Have An ‘Order Tracking System’ Immediately Embedded In Your Website As Soon As You Open It For It Is Something That Keeps The Customers Regularly Updated And Doesn’t Let Them Go Grumpy Even If The Order Is Delayed Because Through Such Systems, Customers Feel Valued And Far More Relaxed. Limit The Number Of Things A Customer Can Order At A Time. This Keeps You At The Lowest Risk Of Delivering Something Wrong And Helps You Avoid Delays And Customers’ Agitation.

To Something That Really Brings You The Greatest Number Of Customers, Products. Around 70% Of Your Sales Definitely Depend On What Products You Have Got To Sell And Certainly The Level Of Quality They Are At. The Major Issue That Arises With It Is Of The Trust Which The Customers Feel Hard To Develop Because Of The Insincerity With Regards To Product Quality Some Websites Bless Them With. What You, As An Owner Ethically Need To Do, Is Be Sincere With The Customers When It Comes To Your Products, Their Quality And Prices And Satisfy Them To Their Brim. The Products You Put Up On Your Sites Should Be Of The Best Quality Available, Have Clear Pictures Posted Along With Them, And Have Realistic Descriptions That Should Include All Of Their Pros And Cons, Have The Cost That Your Product Is Actually Worth Of And Also Have A Hassle Free Alternative Of Returns Or Exchanges. You Should Also Have An Option Of ‘Review’ Beneath Your Products Where Your Customers Could Easily Pen Down Their Honest Opinion For This Increases The Authenticity Of Your Site And Takes The Level Of Trust Between You And Your Customers To A Whole New Level.

Thus When You Ensure All This, You Store In Customers Who Always Sing In Your Praises And Are The Most Loyal To You.

Then In Turn, Comes The Payment Methods That Also Includes With It, The Transaction Security. It Doesn’t Matter If You Donot Offer Free Shipping Because It Is Something Not So Desirable, But Your Shipping Costs Should Be To Their Lowest Just So The Customers Do Not Regret Ordering From You. You Should Also Offer A Wide Range Of Methods To Pay To You Especially If You Run A Site Internationally Just So You Donot Lose Customers Only On The Basis Of A Payment Method You Didn’t Offer.

A Lot Of Websites Even Demand You To Make An Account Before They Place An Order Yet This Brings No Use To The Customers And Can Also Frustrate Them At Times. What’s Better Is To Let Them Proceed As Guests And Ask Them To Make An Account After They Are Done Ordering. After The Order Has Been Placed, You Should Have A Service Quick Enough To Send A Receipt Immediately Via Email To Your Customers. The Speed At Which It Is Done Definitely Creates An Impact On Your Buyers.

Last But Certainly Not The Least Is The Special Offers. Attractive Deals, Coupons And Discounts On Occasions Of Eid, Valentines, Mother’s Day Or Special Days Like These Are Some Of The Features That Light Up Your Website And Drive Huge Traffic To It.

In The Recent Years, Pakistan Has Witnessed The Emergence Of Several Great Online Shopping Sites And One Of The Latest Yet The Most Authentic Ones Is ‘Panash Pakistan’ That Also Stepped Into The International World Few Days Back. It Is One Of The Most Trustworthy Websites Running In Pakistan For It Seriously Cares And Values Its Customers And Reflects That Through Everything It Does. It Has A Simple Yet A Beautiful Design That Doesn’t Let Your Interest Waver And Runs On An Incredibly Fast Speed To Help You With Quick Navigation. The Customer Service It Offers Is Beyond Amazing. Providing Facilities Of Online Chatting And Highly Sophisticated People Running Their Helpline Are Things That Have Worked Remarkably Well For The Site. They Interact With Their Customers Through Live Sessions, Answer Their Queries And Acquaint Them With Their Supremely Amazing Offers That Are Worth Your Money And Attention. The Products They Offer Undergo Several Processes Where Their Quality Is Carefully Scrutinized And Their Employees Work Really Hard To Satisfy Their Customers To Their Bone. They Have Several Payment Options, All Of Them Being Super Easy And The Transaction Security Is Also Fully Ensured.

In Short, The Newly Established Website Takes All The Customers’ Requirement In Serious Consideration Which Is The Reason Why The Website Is Continuing To Touch Great Heights And Is So Definitely Worth Your Complete Trust.



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