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It Is The Fact That Efficacious Folks Don't Turn Into That Way In One Night. What The Vast Majority See Initially—Satisfaction, Wealth, An Extraordinary Profession, Reason For Existing—Is The Outcome Of Meticulous Work And Hustle After Some Time. To Be Effective, You Need To Utilize Every Day As A Chance To Improve, To Be Better, To Get Somewhat Nearer To Your Objectives. It May Sound Like A Ton Of Work—And With A Bustling Timetable, Almost Next To Impossible. Be That As It May, The Best Part Is, The More You Achieve, The More You'll Need To Do, The Higher You'll Need To Reach. So As Long As You Have The Thirst For Success, You Will Dependably Include The Power Inside You To Accomplish It.

Keeping The Thought In Mind, Three Young Individuals Step Forward From Their Comfort Zone And Started A Venture Consisting Of An Office Of One Small Room And A Separate Studio. Office Premises Was Not Big Enough, But Their Vision Was. The Vision Of Integrating Potential Vendors To The Potential Customers Was The One Reason Which Motivated Them To Grow. After The Strong Market Research Mr. Waleed Ahmed Saleem, The CEO Of Panash Group Along With Hera Nisar And Sumbal Ahmed Analyze That There Are Several Vendors In The Markets Who Don’t Get Required Exposure Of Customers That In Result Was Affecting Their Sales On The Other Hand, The Situation Of Online Shopping Was Not That Good Enough. People Are Getting Ditched By Some Online Companies Which In Results Having Negative Perception Of Online Shopping Systems.

Panash Is A Venture That Was Started With One Domain, Panash Pakistan. With A Vision Of Creating A Collaborative Business Environment By Providing People A Platform That Provides Solution To All Need Along With Delivering Change And Inspiring All By Trending And Innovative User Experience. Panash Is More Than An Online Platform But A User Experience Where We Have Solutions To The Community Where All The Participants Have Equal Opportunity. Running An E-Commerce Firm Successfully With The Overwhelming Response Of Vendors As Well As Customers Is An Achievement For Them That Increases When People Outside Pakistan Also Shows Interest In The Products And Same Way Getting Satisfaction From The Quality. On The Other Hand, Family Of Panash Was Increasing Side By Side With The Increasing Work. This Lead Panash To Expand Their Boundaries Internationally.

In February 2019, Panash Opens It’s Branches Internationally In Different Countries Namely, Panash International. Catering Pakistani Market Was Totally Different From International Market Because Of The Environment, Choice And Many Other Factors. But Panash Excel In This Domain As Well, As It Grows, And It Was Another Achievement Of Panash Group. With In Few Months Going International Seems Next To Impossible But They Did It, And This Growth Continues With Panash Live, Panash Development Program, Panash Boutique, Panash Excellence, Panash Design, Desi Graphics. As The Passing Of Time Panash Grows And Converted Into Panash Group With 8 Domains, Each Of Them Was Different From One Another. Let’s Have A Look On Each Of Them One By One.

Panash Excellence, A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better, But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Faced During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services They Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather Than Just Theory Based.

Panash Development Program, The Domain That Introduces Several Programs For All Ages Where There Is No Limitation Of Education, You Only Need To Have The Passion Of Entrepreneurship Where You Will Be Your Own Boss Working At Your Own Convenience From The Place Of Your Choice. Panash Development Program Uses Technology As An Opportunistic Tool In Assisting Our Members To Earn Along With Growth In Their Particular Domains. The Aim Behind This Is To Instill Entrepreneurship Mindset Where You Can Easily Test Your Talent And Learn Through The Process As You Face Real Customers Along With The Achievement Of Making Your Own Profit Without Investing Any Amount. Panash Summer Internship Program And Panash Freelance Program Are Also A Part Of Development Program Where People From All Ages Can Come And Join. Key Thing Here Is The Learning Which Panash Guarantees. They Teach, Train And Then Test. This Way One Can Also Test His/Her Abilities In Real World Dynamics. Panash Also Welcome People All Across The Globe To Be Part Of This Programs, Grow And Establish Themselves In The Potentially Viable Consumer And Service Markets.

Panash Boutique, The Key To Having A Unique Wardrobe That Exudes Grace And Style Is Constant Change And Of Course- Experimentation. What Better Place To Explore That School Of Thought, Than The Biggest Collection Of Women’s Clothing Online? Panash Aim To Keep Up With The Trends By Updating Their Carefully Curated Collections With The Latest Women’s Wear Every Single Day. Latest Styles, Trends And Designs Are Available At Amazing, Affordable Prices. They Stand For The Phrase- Value For Money And Will Always Aim To Create A Wonderful, Fulfilling Shopping Experience Online.

Desi Graphics, Panash Bring You Desi Graphic Collection, With All Its Uniqueness They Are Showcasing Art Of Fashion Through This Collection. Bringing Back The Old Retro Era With The Classic Color Full Prints, Stating The Quotes That We All Can Relate To Panash Wrapped Sense Of Humor With Fun And Colors. This Collection Targets The Desiness And The Bad Assery In The Youth And People Of All Ages With The Sassiest To The Classiest Prints For You To Choose From.

Panash Design, They Are Dealing And Working Internationally Providing Services That Are Interestingly Designed For Our Customers Upon Your Request. From Designing Banners To Advertisement, Everything They Are Doing Is Based On What Customers Wants And How They Want It To Be Done. Panash Provide All Services From Banners Designing, Ads Designing To Website Layout Designing You Can Have At Panash Design. Delineation Is The Only Thing That Is Important Today And That Is The Reason Panash Is Here Today.

Panash Live, With The Changing Market Dynamics People Ought To The Real Deal Or The Love Action Happening Behind Cameras. Panash Not Only Working On It With Full Potential But Also Maintaining Successful Relation With Its Vendor Where Panash Market Vendor’s Products At The Live Session Held On Facebook By Them.

Working Hard For Something We Don't Care About Is Called Stressed; Working Hard For Something We Love Is Called Passion And That’s What Motivated Team Panash To Excel In All Of The Domains. Running Successfully All The Domains Of Panash Group Was Not An Easy Task But Mr. Waleed Ahmed Saleem Was There With Their Team To Lead Them And Motivate Them. Although The Team Of Panash Consist Of The Young Rising Talent Who Didn’t Experience The Corporate World Previously, But Mr. Waleed Believes In Them And Polish Their Skills And Talent To The Extend Where These Young Individuals Can Independently Make The Decisions Better Than Others And Now Working As A Team They Will Touch The Sky In Success Rapidly In Future.



Head Office: Office Suites 262 & 262A, Panorama Center 1,

Karachi, Pakistan

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