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Today’s Dynamics Of Social Media

Social Media, According To Google, Refers To ‘The Websites And The Applications That Enable Users To Create And Share Content Or To Participate In Social Networking’. Throughout The World, As It Has Progressed, A Widespread Increase In The Access And Use Of Social Media Has Been Witnessed Where People Have Used Internet And Social Networking Not Just To Interact Or Communicate But Also To Acquire Benefits Of Education, Marketing, Businesses And Etc.

Pakistan, Too Has Been A Part Of The Process And Although Not As Fast, The Country Has Witnessed An Increase In The Number Of People Having Access To Social Media. Statically, There Are Around 47.5 Million Internet Users In The Country Out Of Which 35 Million Are Found Super Active On Social Media And The Numbers Keep Increasing With Regular Outpouring. Apparently, The Figures Are Positively Great Yet The Change Is Still Extremely Raw And New To The People In Pakistan Which Has Its Own Pros And Cons.

The Activity Of 16% Of The Total Internet Users On Social Media Has Its Equally Optimistic And Pessimistic Dynamics For A Country With Immensely Talented Brains But An Overall Uneducated Population.

Positive Dynamics:

Access To Social Media Is A Worthwhile Change For The Relatively Unaware And Uneducated Citizens Of Pakistan. It Has Been Made Possible Through An Easy Availability Of Smart Phones, Amazing Customer Friendly Packages By Mobile Networks And Revolutionary Work Done In Digital And Communication Sector. The Increase In The Users Is Continuing To Provide A Great Market For International Businesses To Take Interest And Invest In The Country.

Access To Social Media Is A Ray Of Hope For All Those Who Are In Dire Need Of A Platform Where They Are Able To Bring The Best Out Of Them. For The Last Few Years, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And WhatsApp Have Been A Source Of Education For A Lot Of Youngsters Out There Who Were Left Behind Due To Lack Of Available Resources. It Has Opened The Educated Classes To An Opportunity Where They Can Make Money Using Their Ideas, Investing In Businesses Or Running Online Shopping Arenas. Not Only That, It Has Increased The Locally Running Businesses As Well Since It Provides A Great Space For Marketing And Advertisement. Moreover, It Has Brought The Trend Of Accountability Into Mainstream Where The Power Of Social Media Keeps A Strict Check On The Government Representatives Along With Any Page Or Organization Who Tries To Play A Scam. A Customer Can Consult Several Departments, Those Too Online, If They Encounter Any Fake Product, Advertisement Or Organization.

To Sum It Up And Cut It Short, Mass And Easy Access To Social Media Has Spread Awareness Among The People And Has Mobilized All Classes Of The Society Which In Turn, Although At A Comparatively Slower Rate, Are Bringing Financial Benefits To The Economy. Panash, Being An Online Shopping Platform Would Rather Like To Particularly Focus On Its Field. The Access Has Shown An Out pour Of E-Commerce Businesses Which Has Become A Source Of Employment For Many And Is Offering Ease To The Countless Citizens. Websites Like Panash, Daraz, Kaymu, Yayvo Have Gained The Trust Of The Masses And Are Spreading Their Businesses Due To The Increased Use Of Social Media. People Have Started Preferring Online Businesses And This Is Meant To Bring Revolutionary Changes In The Digital Sector Of The Country Exposing People To Opportunities, They Are Otherwise Not Opened To.

Negative Dynamics:

As Mentioned Prior, The Change Tends To Be Raw And Very New For The Ill-Informed Population Of The Country Which Makes A Relative Majority. Therefore, With All Its Pros, The Rapid Access To Social Media Has Brought Major Cons With It. People Have Been Misusing It For A Number Of Purposes, Let It Be Blackmailing, Introducing Fake Products, Running Scam Pages, Cleverly Misusing The Extremely Personal And Private Details Of Their Customers, Theft And So On. On The Other Hand, Being Lack Of Educated, People Do Either Whole Heartedly Trust These People Or Are Being Extra Reluctant That Results In Causing Losses To The Original Businesses As Well.

In Our E-Commerce Arena, From Where Panash Belongs, There Are Numerous Instances Of Scam Sites That Have Resulted In The Lack Of Trust By The Users. A Large Number Of Websites Tend To Upload Different And Exaggerated Pictures With Their Products And Deliver The One With Poor Quality. There Exist Websites Which Also Exploit The Personal Information Of Their Customers Or Fraudulently Hack Their Banking Details. Because Unaware, People Are Regularly Seen Placing Their Blind Trust On Them And Later On Badly Regretting It And Even Losing Their Money. One Bad Experience Also Makes Them More Cautious And Restricts Them From Shopping Online Which Badly Affects The Resourceful Ones.

Panash, As A Responsible Platform Of Pakistan, Finds Its Duty To Educate Its Masses And Spread As Much Of Awareness As It Can. Along With That, It Has Been A Contributor To Bring The Positive Dynamics In The Social Media Of Pakistan By Offering A Most Reliable Platform To Shop Where Products Are Carefully Scrutinized, Their Quality Fully Ensured And The Queries Of The Customers Are Dealt With Due Respect.

Conclusively, The Dynamics Are Continually Changing From Becoming More Of Positive Over Time But Require A Display Of Highly Responsible Attitude From The People To Acquire A Greater And Useful Rate.



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