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Professional Development: The Need Of The Hour

Professional Development Refers To The Continued Education, Learning And Training Of An Individual With Regards To His Or Her Profession Even After He Or She Excels At His Or Her Work. The Main Aim It Carries Along Is To Keep Those Professionals Familiar With The On-Going Trends Of Their Chosen Field, Keep Them In Constant Reminder And Practice Of What They Excel At Doing, Bring The Best Out Of Their Capabilities And Instill New Skills In Them To Help Them Advance Fully In Their Desired Field So That They Are Able To Become Better Employees To An Organization Benefiting It In Modern Ways.

There Are Two Main Banners Under Which All Type Of Skills Sought By Employers Are Characterized, Be They The Already-Existing Ones Or Those Newly Inculcated In Individuals.

Hard Skills:

Hard Skills Can Be Defined As Specific Abilities Acquired Through Learning And Education And Those Which Are Required To Fulfill A Job Criterion For A Particular Field. They Vary For Every Department And Are Accurate Measures Of How Well-Versed Are You With Yours. Examples Of Such Skills May Include Typing, Computer Programming, Mathematics, Proofreading, Editing, Accounting, Finance, Web Designing, Conducting Researches, Writing, Marketing, Etc. These Are The Credentials And Essentials Which Make You Fit For A Job And Enlighten Your Resume To Undergo Consideration And Selection.

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills Can Be Defined As Personality Traits Which Can Be Learnt But Are Not Job-Specific. They Are Equally Looked-For By Employers Because They Are A Measure Of How Good Are You At Connecting Or Communicating With People At Your Workplace And Developing Healthy Fruitful Relationships With Them. They Are A Key To Attracting Businesses And So Are Highly Revered. The Examples May Include Time Management Abilities, Problem Solving And Communication Skills, Level Of Patience And Perseverance To Deal With Constructive Criticism, Leadership Qualities, Positive Attitude, Self Confidence, Passion And Dedication, Adaptability With The Environment, Listening Skills, Convincing Power And Etc. They Define Your Potential To Make The Most Out Of The Hard Skills You Possess And So A Greatly Important.

Therefore, It Is Never Hard Skills Versus Soft Skills But It Is A Balance Of Both Of Them That Elevate You In The Eyes Of The Employer And Make You A Perfect Fit For The Job.

Around The Globe, Professional Development Programs Are Conducted And Structured Especially For The Young Passionate Learners To Help Them Get Their Skills Polished And Provide Them With Exposure To A Number Of Different Aspects Of The Field They Are Interested In. There Even Are A Number Of Jobs Which Require Professional Development To Renew Licenses And Certificates Just So The Standards Of Employees Are Fully Ensured. Unfortunately, It Is Lack Of A Practice In Pakistan Which Is One Reason Why Our Talented Youngsters Get Wasted And Industries Are Unable To Flourish Even After A Magnanimous Population That Could Work Just Because The Employees Are Unaware Of The Changing Techniques And Skills.

Panash Being A Trendsetting And A Supremely Unique Online Shopping Platform Fully Realizes The Need Of Professional Development Programs. It Understands How These Programs Can Raise The Standards Of An Organization, Can Make A Potential Use Of Its Working Proficient Class Helping Them Polish Their Skills And Consequently Attracting A Higher Quality Staff.

Therefore, To Bring The Urgently Required Change, Panash Pakistan Has Recently Launched An Amazing Career Development Program Which Tends To Offer An Intensely Informative Workshop Where Guidance In All Forms Will Be Given To The Participants And Digital Marketing Concepts And Successful Ways Of Start-Ups Will Be Taught, A 2 Months Certified Course That Will Amplify And Boost The Skills Of Our Talented And Passionate Youngsters And Will Also Acquaint Them With Those Skills Which Can Win Over Employers, A Free Demonstration Class Where The Students Will Be Able To Experience The Digital Marketing In A Whole New Modernize Way And A Safest Paid Internship Program Where You Can Make Profits On All Sales While Sitting At Home And Be Unrivaled At Marketing.

This Is One Of A Very Kind Effort And Favor Done To Bring A Necessary Change In Pakistan And Open New Opportunities To People Who Are In Dire Need Of The Development Of Their Skills According To The New Standards But Are Always Left Behind Because Of A Chronic Shortage Of Platforms.

To All Of You Who Are Interested In Digital Marketing And Are Willing To Excel At It, Panash Pakistan Is Here For Your Rescue With One Of The Most Pocket-Friendly And Safe Program That Needs And Deserves Your Undying Participation. Make The Most Of This Golden Chance And Be A Part Of The Revolution Panash Is Destined To Bring In The Digital Sector.



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