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Making Life Easier

Within The Last Few Years, We Have Witnessed Online Shopping Websites Taking A Gigantic Strive And One Of The Most Dominant Reasons Is The Ease They Tend To Offer. The Sole Purpose Of Creating E-Commerce Platforms Is To Make As Many Lives Easier, Bring Almost Everything On The Tips Of Your Fingers And Consequently Save As Much Time As Possible. However, The Purpose Can Only Be Achieved If People From All Over The World, Irrespective Of The Language They Speak Or Even Irrespective Of Their Degree Of Literacy, Are Able To Enjoy The Convenience And Comfort You Aim To Extend To Them.

The Level Of Success You Reach Particularly In This Regard Hugely Reflects The Standing And Popularity Of Your Website Among The Customers.

When We Look At The Hindrances In Flourishing E-Commerce Especially In Pakistan, Low Literacy Rate Tops The List. Therefore, People In Our Country Hesitate In Opting To Shop Online For They Are Unaware At Many Different Levels. The Difficult Most Situation Arises When Customers Are Unable To Read What Is Presented On The Website. This Makes Them Drop Their Plans To Buy Something Online And The Website Loses Another Customer For No Good.

Similarly, When You Launch Your Website Internationally, There Are Customers Who Try Looking Up To You But Language Becomes A Barrier. For Instance, If A Chinese Wants To Buy Something From You But Is Not Acquainted With English, You Will Definitely Lose Him And Again, For No Good.

However, There Are Numerous Ways These Problems Can Be Treated And The Customers Can Be Helped Out;

  • If You Are A Customer Who Finds It Difficult To Comprehend The Content Of The Website, The Foremost Thing You Need To Do Is Give Up On Your Reluctance And At Least Take The Risk Of Trusting It Which Apparently Seems Alien To You. Once, You Have Decided To Shop Something Online, You Should Instantly Seek Help From Someone, An Elder, A Relative Or Simply A Friend Who You Think Is Well-Versed With The Working Of The Particular Website And Can Guide You Through Everything You Need To Know. You Can Even Ask Him/Her To Place The Order For You. In This Way, The Ease That Website Wants To Bring, Reaches To You At A Great Extent.

  • But, If You Fail To Find A Friend Who Can Be Of Help To You In This Regard, You Can Hit Up The Customer Service Representatives At Any Hour Of The Day For They, In A Way, Are Meant To Be Your Friends In Need. Every Authentic Website You Will Come Across, Provides Several Ways Of Contact, Let It Be Through Email, Online Chat Or Simply A Direct Phone Call That You Make 24/7. In Whatever Language You Find It Easier, You Can Pen Down An Email To That Specific Website With Any Query You Want To Have Solved Or If You Consider Sending Email A Time Consuming Affair, You Can Make A Phone Call To Them To Get Your Problem Solved. However You As A Customer Are Certainly Not Required To Worry About Whether The Person On The Other Side Of The Call Knows The Language You Speak Or Not For A Good And A Customer-Friendly E-Commerce Site Will Definitely Have Its Staff Properly Trained For Any Such Case. If You Are A Pakistani, Things Get A Lot Easier. You Can Ask For Every Minute Detail Of The Desired Product On Phone Because At Least For You, It Is Trouble-Free To Explain The Customer Care Representatives About Any Issue You Might Face.

  • Translating The Entire Websites To A Language You Are Best At Understanding Can Be Another Way Through Which You Can Help Yourself And Be Endowed With The Advantages And Pleasures Online Shopping Brings With It. To Be Able To Do This, You Can Look For Someone’s Help Who Could Get The Website Translated To You For If That’s Possible, Everything Gets More Than Easy. However, Some Websites Do Not Really Offer You This Facility And Therefore, When Websites Are Being Launched, The Owners Should Take This Factor Into Consideration Because It Tends To Drive Huge Traffic.

  • Some Of The Leading E-Commerce Platforms Even Provide You With Guide Videos Which Basically Cancels Out The Need Of Looking For Any Other Solution As That Video Conducts The Entire Working Of Your Desired Website To You Within Few Minutes.

  • For Websites Which Genuinely Aim To Maximize The Ease They Offer To Their Customers, It Is Essential That They Offer That Beyond The Language Barriers. To Help Their Customers Actually Save Time, The Websites Should Train Their Customer Care Representatives To Patiently Deal With Any Such Case And Should Definitely Have A Member Or Two Who Is Familiar With A Good Number Of Languages. A Guide Video Is A Must And The Feature Of Translating The Entire Website Should Definitely Be Provided Especially If You Open Your Platform To International Buyers.

Also, Live Sessions Through Social Media Are Another Way You Can Connect With Such Customers And Help Them With Their Queries.

For Customers Who Face Such Problems, It Is Important That They Place Their Trust And Then Try To Familiarize Themselves With The Working Of The Website They Want To Buy From. It Is Also Vital That Without Being Known To The Level Of Authenticity The Particular Website Is At, Customers Should Not Share Their Personal Information And Until They Are Fully Aware, For The Time Being, Should Avoid Paying Through Online Means.

Conclusively, It Is The Joint Effort Supposed To Be Made From Both Of The Sides That Would Eventually Lead To A Gradual Expansion Of The E-Commerce Arena Capable Of Offering Maximum Amount Of Comfort And Ease To Customers Belonging To Any Social Circle, Irrespective Of The Type Of Issues They Might Bring Upon.



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