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Free Shipment: A Myth Of 21st Century

‘Free Shipping Over A Certain Amount Of Order’ Or Simply Just ‘Free Shipping’. Enticing Phrases Like These Are All What Buyers Drool Over And Look For On Online Shopping Sites. What’s So Fascinating About Them Is The Word ‘Free’ That Compels The Customers To Go After Them For They Get So Excited To Have Something In Return Of Nothing. Their Desire To Have Such Offers Has Intensified So Much With The Time That They Don’t Even Think About The Prices They Might Be Paying In Place Of The ‘Free’ Shipping They Are Offered.

What They Fail To Realize Is That Nobody In This 21st Century Is Too Generous To Offer Them Good Putting Their Own Selves In Loss. For Instance, If A Website Offers Them Free Shipping Over Cheaper And Easier-To-Ship Products Like Books Or Cds, It Is Understandable But Things Like Refrigerators Or Furniture Cost A Lot To Ship No Matter How Big A Company Is. It Is Humanly Impossible To Ship Such Expensive Products For Free Without Taking Any Commission And So There Is Always A Cost Involved Even Behind The Label Of ‘Free Shipping’. What Customers Fail To Realize Is The Manipulation Behind The Idea And What They Eventually Fail To Realize Is That ‘Free Shipment’ Is Nothing But A Myth Flourishing Among Us. Before It Imposes A Great Deal Of Harm On People, They Need To Get Out Of Their Fantasies And Say No To The Alluring Idea Of Free Shipping Unless The Sellers Provide Them With Complete Details Of All The Costing For They, Most Of The Time Are Kept Unaware Of The Hidden Costs That Are Created To Overcome The Damage Free Shipping Could Cause

The Sellers. There Are Two Main Ways This Is Done:

The Sellers Quite Cleverly Build The Shipping Charges Into The Product’s Cost By Simply Increasing Its Price, Let Say A Refrigerator. The New Price Can Be Really Damaging To The Buyers Especially If The Product Is To Be Shipped Internationally And Taxes Are Placed On Its Purchase. If The Refrigerator Was Initially Of 25000rs And The Shipment Charges Were 1000rs, The Customers Would Have To Pay Tax Only On The Cost Of The Refrigerator. But, If The Sellers Hide The Real Cost And Sell The Refrigerator For 26000rs With Free Shipment, The Customers Would Then Have To Pay The Tax On The Increased Price Which Certainly Would Be Greater Than Before.

Such Sort Of Marketing Tactics Are Only Adopted To Increase The Traffic On The Website And Bring Almost Zero Benefit To The Buyers Which They, Unfortunately Fail To Comprehend Amidst Their ‘Free’ Fantasy.

Delaying The Shipments Is Another Cunning Technique Online Sellers Use To Deceive The Fantasized Buyers In The Name Of Free Shipping. A Product That Can Be Easily Shipped Within A Day Or Two But Has A Tag Of ‘Free Shipping’ Over It Is Knowingly Delivered Late Just So The Loss The Sellers Might Face Is Easily Avoided. This Again Can Cause Problems To The Buyers Especially If They’ve Ordered Something Perishable For The Risk Of Their Spoilage Gets Fresher With Time. Moreover, The Reason Why Someone Opts To Buy Online Fades Because The Time Consumed Due To The Delay Is Way More Than It Would Take The Customers To Simply Go The Shop And Buy The Thing.

These Sorts Of Strategies Are Effective Enough And Are Devised To Play With The Customer’s Mind Where The Sole Beneficiaries Of All Such Schemes Are The Sellers And Nobody Else.

What The Customers Need To Perceive As Soon As They Can Is That The ‘Rs.0’ They See On The Column Of Shipping Charges In Their Bill Doesn’t Really Have Them Save Something. Instead, It Has The Potential To Take Away More Of Money From Them. They Need To Start Acting A Bit More Vigilant Because In The End, The Loss Is Only Theirs. It’s Not That Everyone Offering Free Shipping Is Trying To Exploit The Buyers, There Are Websites Which Genuinely Care For Their Customers’ Pockets But There Is No Harm In Satisfying Yourselves And Eliminating The Risk Of Any Deceit For Your Own Good. It’s Totally In Your Interest To Scan Through All The Costs, Compare Them And Spend Good 10-15 Minutes To Confirm That The Free Shipping Offered To You Is Actually Free And The Best Figure Available. With Your Busy Schedules, It’s Definitely Hard To Take Even 15 Minutes Out, But Through This You Can Be Certain Enough That You Are Getting The Best Quality Product Without Falling Prey To Any Deception.

Another Important Thing The Customers Need To Do On Their Part Is Work On Reducing Their Desire To Have Free Shipments. What’s Essential To Keep Yourself Reminded With Is That There Is No Such Thing As ‘Free Shipping’ And The Cost Has To Be Paid By Someone, Either The Customers Or The Merchants. Websites, Who Genuinely Offer Free Shipments, Just For The Sake Of Their Customers’ Demands, Place The Burden Of The Cost On The Merchants Selling The Products On Their Website Due To Which They Almost Receive Nothing In Return And This Is Super Selfish Of The Buyers As Well As The Company Owner. The Intelligent Customers Would Instead Prefer To Buy Things Directly From The Seller And Not From The Websites Just So The Flow Of Income Is Continuous And No One In The Society Is Suppressed.

So All You Customers Building Castles In The Air, Get Out Of Your Daydreams For Your Own Good And Accept The Harsh Reality Of Free Shipping Being Simply A Fallacy And Delusion. Be A Keen Observer Of All The Costs, Fully Satisfy Yourself And Never Compromise On The Quality Especially If You’ve Chosen To Shop Online. Don’t Be Irrational And Never Bow Down To Such Myths For You Should Know You Are Living In 21st Century; An Era Of Misleading And Unprincipled Fantasies Designed To Test And Take Complete Advantage Of Your Foolhardiness.



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