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Every Event Counts

Panash, Being A Responsible Online Platform Has Always Been Immensely Vocal About Every Event Happening Around The World, And Specifically Pakistan. Let It Be Our Ever Favorite Psl Or The Saddening Pulwama Attack On Indian Soldiers, We Have Been A Keen Observer And Have Been Showing Our Keen Interest In Either Of The Two. We Showed Our Extreme Concerns And Sent Our Heartfelt Condolences To The Affected Families In India But As Responsible Citizens Of Pakistan, We Also Consider It Our National Duty To Send Them Our Equal Condemnations With Regards To The Thoughtless Attempt India Made On Us Earlier Today.

For The Last Few Days, The World Is Abuzz With Pulwama Attack Where 44 Indian Soldiers Were Targeted. The Kashmiris Responded To The Barbaric Torture India Is Carrying Out In Their Homeland And The Pulwama Attack Was Basically A Move Of Retaliation From The Side Of Kashmir Freedom Fighters. The Misguided Indian Government, Since That Day Has Been Issuing Extremely Foolhardy Statements Putting The Entire Blame Of The Bombing On Pakistani Forces Without Any Concrete Proof. “Security Forces Have Been Given Permission To Take Decisions About The Timing, Place And Nature Of Their Response,” Said The Prime Minister Of India, Narendar Modi After The Attack Who Gave A Free Hand To His Soldiers And Incited His People To Wage War Against Pakistan Through His Extremist And Unwise Statements. The Indian Media Continued Its Legacy Of Irresponsible Journalism And Went On To Every Extent To Hold Pakistan Responsible For The Attack. The World Also Witnessed How The Reportedly ‘Peace-Keeping’ Bollywood Industry Came Out In Unjustifiable Support Of Their Hot-Headed Prime Minister Lead By Ajay Devgan And Nawazuddin Siddiqui Who Called For The Banning Of Their Movies In Pakistan Along With Kangana Ranaut Who Issued An Extremely Radical Statement Calling For The Immediate Destruction Of Pakistan. We Even Saw, How The Indian Farmers Refused To Export Their Tomatoes To Pakistan Without Even Realizing That Pakistan Hasn’t Been Importing Indian Tomatoes Since Last 4 Years.

However, The Government And Army Officials From Pakistan, On Countless Occasions Categorically Denied The Country’s Involvement In Any Such Move Where Our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan Called For Peace And Even Promised The Indian Government Of An Unbiased Inquiry If They Provide Enough Proof Of Pakistan Being Behind The Attack. Yet, He Also Warned India Of A Deadlier Response If They Tried Violating The Cease-Fire In Any Way For India Should Be Well Acquainted With The Fact That The Pakistan Army Is One Of The Strongest Ones In The World.

Earlier Today, At Around 3:30 Am, The Weakling Indian Air Force Showed Another Instance Of Its Cowardice And Nonsensical War Obsession When Indian Military Planes Violated The Line Of Control (Loc) And Intruded Pakistan From The Muzaffarabad Sector. However, Our Pakistan Air Force Immediately Scrambled And The Indian Planes Were Forced To Go Back Due To The Effective And Timely Response From Our Air Force. The Indian Aircrafts Ran Away In So Much Of Haste That Their Payload Fell Off In The Open Yet No Casualties Or Damages Were Recorded Except For A Few Trees Which Went Down As A Result. Incase Our Readers Don’t Know, Payload Is The Carrying Capacity Of An Aircraft And Is Basically A Part Of Its Load Measured In Terms Of Weight And Usually Includes Cargo, Passengers, Explosives Or Any Instruments. We Pity The Indian Forces Who Forgot Mm Alam, The One Who Destroyed Countless Of Such Jets In Only 5 Minutes Yet We Hope They Got Their Reminders Clear.

Hilariously, The Indian Media Immediately Went Onto Carrying Its Propaganda Where It Reports The ‘Death Of 300 Militants In Balakot After Their Fearless Jets Dropped 1000kg Bombs In The Region’ Which Is Something Far From Reality To Every Possible Extent For The People Of Balakot Have Themselves Denied Of Any Such Happening. 600kg Of Explosives Were Used In Marriot Hotel Blast In 2008 And The Entire City Heard It Extremely Loud. Here, Indian Air Force Dropped 1000kg Of Bomb And Even The Locals Got To Know About It Through News Channels Which Is A Big Fat Joke In Itself. The World Once Again Witnessed How The Known Personalities In India Applauded This Move And Surprisingly Believed What Their Media Reported Without Any Verification. We Saw How Cricketing Giants Like Virendar Sehwag And Actors Like Salman Khan Came Out In Full Support Of Iaf And Their Mightily Violating Attempt.

Although We, As Considerate Neighbours Realize How Desperate Modi Is To Win The Election And Fully Understand The State India Is In After Facing Immense Isolation Internationally But India Should Also Have It Clear In Its Mind That Pakistan Is Not Bound To Tolerate Any Such Attempt And Is Capable Of Giving A Response Generations In India Wouldn’t Be Able To Forget. India Should Also Be Known To The Unity It Has Brought Within Us Through Its Poorly Designed Ventures And That The Pakistanis Stand By Their Forces With Complete Unanimity.

Panash, Being A Leading Online Shopping Platform Of Pakistan Realizes Its Responsibility Of Playing Its Part In Unifying The Country Against The Enemy. We Interact With A Number Of Customers On Daily Basis And Find It Our Duty To Keep All Of Them Aware With Every Proceeding In This Particular Regard For We Completely Understand How Important The Country’s Unity Is At The Moment. We, As Pakistanis, Request Our Dear Customers To Put Aside Every Cause Of Disunity And Stand Behind The Security Forces Like A Stone Wall. Yet We Also Want The Indians To Know That We Are Living In 21st Century And Being Nuclear Powers, It Is Not In Our Interests To Go For War. We Certainly Promote Peace But Our Customers Should Also Be Always Prepared And Ready For Any Cowardly Move The Enemies Could Make.

We, On The Behalf Of Entire Pakistani Nation, Urge The United Nation Security Council To Take A Strong Notice Of This Violation And Warn India To Stop Its So-Called Surgical Strikes Immediately Or Else Be Prepared To Have A Ghastly Reply To Them.



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