• Panash Manager

“E-Commerce And Pakistan’s Mushrooming Rise”

Within The Last Few Years, Due To Rapid Modernization And The Meteoric Growth Of Digital Media, Pakistan Has Shown Outstanding Progress In E-Commerce And Is Said To Be One Of The Fastest Growing E-Commerce Countries. The E-Commerce Of Pakistan Has Primarily Focused On The Consumer Goods Which Include The Search And Purchase Of Electronics, Jobs, Online Education, Vehicles And Even Houses.

According To Numerous Authentic Figures, In 2018, Record Sale Of Rs 40.1 Billion Was Registered Through Locally And Internationally Operated E-Commerce Sellers In Pakistan Which Has Been An Amazing Support To Our Economy Whereas, In The Fiscal Year Of 2017, The Sale In E-Commerce Activities Accounted For Rs 20.7 Billion. A Stunning Growth Of 97% Has Been Witnessed By The Country Which Is Encouraging Enough For All The Investors Looking Towards Pakistan And Its Swiftly Growing Market. The Sales Are Expected To Reach The Benchmark Of 1 Billion Us Dollars By 2020 Which Is Huge And Would Stabilize The Country’s Economy Creating Opportunities In The Country Like Never Before.

Although At Its Elementary And Uncertain Stage But Following Are The Factors Responsible For This Heartening Change:

  • With Approximately 40 Million Active Social Media Users, Internet Has Paved Its Way To The Roots Of The Country And You Find Almost Every Other Person Having It On Their Tips. Pakistan Has One Of The Highest Rates Of Mobile Penetration In The Entire South Asia And Such Rapid Penetration Is One The Main Reasons Why E-Commerce Is Flourishing In Pakistan. Through Cheaper Smart Phones And Widespread Availability Of 3g And 4g Packages At Almost Every Corner Of The Country, Access To Internet Has Been Made Incredibly Easy For The People. This Has Been A Great Motivation To Several Retailers And They Have Moved To Establishing Their Businesses Online Which Not Only Made It Super Easy For Them To Exhibit And Advertise Their Products Well On Instagram Or Facebook But Also Remarkably Increased Their Sales As The Upgraded People Of Pakistan Are Gradually Saying Goodbye To The Conventional Methods Of Shopping That Has Consumed Enough Of Their Time.

  • Issues Of Transportation In The Country And Shortage Of Time Are Other Major Excuses Why People Have Opted To Perpetuate E-Commerce. It Is Never Easy To Drive To Stores In The Heavy Traffic That Flows In Our Country And So People Are Always Looking For Ways To Be At Comfort. Moreover, Nobody Wants To Waste So Much Of Their Time Just To Know That Their Desired Product Went Out Of Stock Before They Reached. Online Shopping Has Been A Great Life Savior Amidst Such Chaos For It Brings Immense Amount Of Relaxation To The Customers Providing Them With All The Minute Details They Might Need And So They Are Made To Take More Interest In Shopping That Certainly Raises The Sales And Also Opens The Doors To Unimaginably Big Investments In The Country Like Our Very Own Cpec; China Pakistan Economic Corridor Which Is Expected To Massively Develop The Sector Of E-Commerce As Well.

  • Cod (Cash On Delivery) Is What Is Common Throughout The Country And Is One Of The Major Hurdles In The Development Of E-Commerce Sector For The People Find It Difficult To Build Their Trust And It Severely Increases The Operational And Management Costs. However, Online Payments Have Increased Over The Last Year As Mobile Banking Through Easy Paisa, Upaisa And Jazz Cash Has Been Introduced And It, On Regular Basis, Contributes To The Rise Our Online Businesses Are Witnessing. The Times When People Feared Shopping Online Are Almost Gone And The Boost Of Our Economy Is Certainly Not Far Away. It Is Advised To Our Precious Customers To Trust These Genuine Mobile Banks With Their Money And Play Their Part In The Development Of Our Motherland’s Wavering Economy.

  • Another Amazing Factor That Has Contributed To This Difference Is The Organization Of Shopping Festivals And Sales The E-Commerce Websites Offer On Different Occasions. Let It Be Eid, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother Or Father’s Day, New Year, Or Any Other Occasion, Products Of Fine Quality Are Sold On Websites At Superbly Discounted Rates. Such Helpful Tactics Drive Enough Traffic To These ‘Online Shopping Malls’ And People Are Able To Enjoy Shopping To Their Brim Without Putting Themselves In Any Sort Of Annoyance As All What They Need Comes Under One Tip Of Their Finger. With The Increased Traffic Due To These Customer-Friendly Schemes, Websites Witness Remarkable Increase In Their Sales And So The E-Commerce Sector Continues To Grow And Develop Towards The Better.

Due To All These Contributions, Pakistan Has Started Its Journey Towards A Destination Where Economic Stability Is Certain Yet There Are Barriers To The Growth Of E-Commerce That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration And Removed In Order To Gain Complete Advantages Of The Sector According To The Potential Our Country Has.

Due To An Extremely Low Literacy Rate And Consequent Lack Of Awareness, There Are Misconceptions About The E-Commerce Industry Living Within The People And So They Are Not Able To Get Enough Benefits Due To The Confusions They Are In. There Is Serious Mistrust In The Society Regarding The Use Of Online Shopping Websites And People Find It Extremely Difficult To Share Their Private Information That Brings Serious Hindrance To The Development Of Our Online Businesses. Moreover, The Uncertain And Limited Access To Technology Needs To Be Made Reliable Enough To Keep Up With Pace Of The Development Of Our E-Commerce.

Although There Are A Lot Of Challenges That Need To Be Overcome But The Potential Pakistan’s Market Has Balances All Of Them Out. The Online Businesses In Our Country Are Growing At A Fine Pace And Will Definitely Bring Enormous Employment Opportunities In Near Future If The Barriers Are Removed For It Is Estimated That The Use Of Online Financial Services Will Meet An Increase And Soon Pakistan Will Turn Into A Well-Developed E-Commerce Hub Supporting Its Economy Like Never Before.

What You As Customers Need To Do Is Simply Develop Your Trust On Mobile Banking And Spread As Much Of Awareness About These Sites As You Can.



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