• Panash Manager

“Are The Customers Always Right?”

The Customers Are Always Right’, Is A Slogan Almost Put At Every Second E-Commerce Site With The Aim To Drive Traffic And Increase The Level Of Trust Customers Place On Them. Through This Cliché Motto, The Websites Intend To Explicit Their Care For Their Customers And In Turn Motivate Their Service Staff To Work With Complete Dedication And Sincerity To Ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

The Aims Of This Particular Sentence Are Definitely Achieved But To An Extent That Can Be Reached Through Various Different Means Rather Than Putting Up This Near-To-Unrealistic Sentence And Seriously Driving Customers Or A Group Of Them Crazy. If You, As A Website Need To Increase The Trust Level Between You And Your Customers, There Are Numerous Productive Ways This Can Be Done. By Designing Your Customer Service In A Way That It Reflects How Much You Prioritize Your Customers, For Instance Through ‘Order Tracking System’ Or ‘Live Sessions’, You Can Develop The Confidence You Want To.

Then To Encourage Your Staff To Work For Your Customers’ Contentment, You Can Increase Their Wages Or Give Them Pleasures They Otherwise Might Not Have. Basically, There Are Uncountable Ways You Can Achieve The Objectives You Try To Gain Through This Sentence Which Can Turn Out To Be Seriously Problematic At A Lot Of Times.

Principally, No One In This Whole World Can Be Always Right And So The Rule Is Equally Applicable On The Customers And The Sellers, Both. Therefore, Treating The Customers Like They Are Always Right And Perpetuating Their Myths Can Bring Harm To Your Business. What You As Websites Owners Are Always Asked To Do Is, Be Honest And So You Should Never Be The Originator Of Such Fantasies Among Customers Because There Are Certainly A Number Of Occasions When Your Customers Are Wrong And They Need To Be Informed About That For Their Own Good In A Manner That Is As Polite As It Can Ever Be And Doesn’t Make Them Go Angry Or Argumentative.

There Are Several Reasons A Customer Cannot Be Always Right, Or More Precisely Can Be Wrong;

  • They Can At Times, Misread A Bill Or Be Simply Unknown To Any Of Your Policy But What Makes It Miserable Is That They Want You To Fix It Because They Think They Are Right And So You Are The One At Mistake But For Fact, The Truth Is The Vice Versa.

  • They Are Misinformed Or Sometimes Not Even Informed About A Certain Thing. E-Commerce Didn’t Grow Gradually But Took An Immediate Height Due To Which A Lot Of People Are Unaware Of Its Basics. In Countries Like Pakistan, Where The Literacy Rate Is Beyond Low, There Are Serious Chances Of Customers Being Totally Unaware Of A Particular Fact. What Becomes Disastrous Is That Even After Being Unknown To Something, Customers Assume Things On Their Own And Literally Wage War Against The Customer Service Representatives They Interact With Which Is Undoubtedly Wrong And Controlling Of Them.

  • You Have Limited Money, Energy, Patience And Resources Which Some Customers Never Take Into Account And Keep Arguing To Prove You Wrong Even If They Are The One Mistaking. Such Customers Can Never Be Satisfied And So You Should Move On To The Ones Whose Issues Are More Worthy Of Your Address For It Is Actually Irresponsible Of You To Put The Interest Of Your Valuable Customers At Stake Because Of Some Customers Who Can’t Be Made Happy.

  • They Frustrate Your Employees To A Point Where They Lose Their Calm At Times And Can Cause Serious Issues From Both The Sides. It Also Leads To Undermining The Authority Of Your Employees That Can Cause Resentment Among Them Towards Their Managers Which Is Not Good For Either Of The Two.

  • To Solve This Major Issue, The E-Commerce Websites Can Take A Few Very Simple Steps Which Would Surely Enable Them To Build A Healthy And Friendly Relationship Between The Customers And The Customer Care Representatives. Following Are Some Of Those;

  • Even If You Know The Customer Is Incorrect, Don’t Directly Tell That To Them And Don’t Even Mistake To Use The Word ‘No’ Or Phrase ‘You Are Wrong’ To Them. These Words Do The Work Of Fuel To The Fire And Can Lead To Deadly Ends. So, Learn To Say ‘No’ Without Actually Saying It. It Is An Art Of Communication Which Only Requires Some Of Your Patience And A Lot Of Your Time And Energy Can Be Saved Along With Serious Battles Getting Avoided.

  • Put Aside All The Things You ‘Cant’ Do To Solve Your Customers’ Problems And Try Focusing On What Can Be Done. List To Them All The Possibilities You Can Offer, In The Politest Manner, And Keep The Conversation As Positive As You Can. Through This, You Might Also End Up Convincing The Other Side Of The Phone And Even If Not, There Are Great Chances That The Call Would End With A Smile On Both Of Yours’ Faces.

  • Customers Who Get Abusive Or Are Seriously Angry Are Certainly A Test Case For All The Customer Care Representatives. You Are Required To Deal Them With The Most Of Your Patience Avoiding Any Heated Argument. The Best Way To Calm Them Down Is To Listen To All What They Have Got To Say No Matter How Harsh It Is And Then Try Conveying The ‘Right Part’ In A Thought Provoking Way Just So That A Conclusion Could Be Drawn Which Is Accepted By Both The Sides On The Call.

Conclusively, Whoever Invented This ‘Customers Are Always Right’ Myth Did Wrong To Both The Parties But Now Since This Sentence Has Taken Roots, The Problem Needs To Be Dealt In A Way That Hurts None Of Two’s Interest. Also, As Operators Of E-Commerce Sites, It Becomes A Duty On You To Inform Your Customers And Be The Most Kind To Them Especially When You Know That E-Commerce Was A New Subject But Flourished At The Rate Of Knots.

Yet, You Are Certainly Not Required To Step Down To Any Wrong. In A Gradual Process, You Should Definitely Play Your Part In Taking Your Customers Out Of This Fantasy And Guiding Them Towards Becoming More Of Realistic And Aware.



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